through Indian Summer we drive
swirling leaves behind us —
death’s glowing portals so near

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Marble Tableau

Lake Tahoe under
a stiff morning breeze —
rough blue marble,
foaming veins of white

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bear scat
in the orchard —
fall’s approaching

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Red Fox Happy

There’s a beautiful red fox around here lately, which I’ve not yet had the pleasure of seeing, but which my wife recently saw.  He, or she, was dashing across the far end of the front lawn, happy and energized.  Apparently, this jolly creature has been helping itself to the neighbor’s hens.  We found two patches of chicken feathers down by one of our remaining stands of aging Christmas trees.

It’s a mixed joy, then, knowing that, after years of seeing so few of our beloved foxes here, we are now the happy recipients of the delightful company of one, only simultaneously with the cost that our neighbor and his hens suffer for it.  I find, despite that, that I can think only of the energetic red-furred being that’s graced us with its company — for, we’ve little companionship from the native fauna of our region these days.  Even the birds, especially the woodpeckers (which should be much more common than they are), are diminished (although, I did see a marvelous humming bird at the garden fountain yesterday, which moved me deeply).  The jack rabbits left some time ago, apparently taking with them the foxes.  Also, despite all the rain last spring, we do still seem to be enduring the consequences of years of drought, which apart from its apparently chasing away the animals, also makes for considerable challenges to gardening, and seems to include the ravages of bark beetles devouring our pine trees. It seems as though nature has put the hammer down around here lately, withdrawing her grace in many ways.

Still, now, there is that fox, and all seems somehow right with the world.

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Join Me for Tea?

Those sweet surprises from the garden.

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Dragon Egg

A beautiful image of the Crescent Nebula.  It looks, to me, like a giant red egg with a blue dragon within (click to enlarge and see the dragon).


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“Wisdom of Flowers”

The quotes are mostly wonderful, but they go by a little fast so you may have to pause here and there.

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On Sabbatical

Flowerwatch Journal is on Sabbatical, for creative restoration and to work on a new book.  It may be that an occasional new piece will appear on Flowerwatch.  More news will be forthcoming as it evolves, so I hope that you will check in occasionally. Thanks so much to those of you who have been frequent or occasional visitors, for your many friendly likes and generous comments.

If you’d like to be on a mailing list for when my next book is released or when Flowerwatch returns to a schedule of regular postings, please click here to send me an email address at which you’d like to be reached.

In the meantime, if you’ve enjoyed anything on this site, you would certainly enjoy my book, Gathered Rain.  The book consists of poetry and prose pieces which express moments of intimacy with life’s natural wonders.  Check it out here, or here.  The book is intended to be a companion for the journey, providing opportunities for inspiration and reflection that will unfold anew from reading to reading.



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