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I was awakened this morning, as most mornings, by our cat Yeshi as he trod back and forth across my desk and my “night-stand” (my night-stand is actually a TV tray full of supplements, a glass of water, some books, etc.)  He strides across these surfaces, batting things around, randomly knocking things down.  This is his strategy to get me to rise and feed him. It’s funny, except when you want to keep sleeping, which I almost always want to do!  So, when his blundering carelessly about on desk and table fails to rouse me, he next begins to slap the chain-switch on my bed-side light, a method to which he resorted this morning. Sometimes he actually succeeds in turning the light on. Once, he accomplished only pulling the lamp off the stand — and somehow, I rose up wide awake just in time to catch it before it toppled headfirst onto the floor.  It has a lovely green glass shade so it would have been a minor tragedy had it crashed to the floor.  At any rate, hearing the chain clank and rattle against the brass body of the lamp accomplished the desired result of rousting me out of bed in the cold morning to proceed downstairs and provide breakfast for our 6 cats (for they have also learned when they hear both Yeshi and I tromping down the wooden stairs in the early morning that breakfast is available).  Yeshi galloped happily in the lead, skipping downstairs and into the kitchen, piping up in his tiny endearing meow for his breakfast.

Sparticus (“Gus”)

Old Sparticus (aka “Gus”) has been much around lately. He seems subtly different, less fearful and aggressive, milder — and I get the sense he wants very much to be part of the family.  He doesn’t run completely away on seeing us as he once did.  He likes to stay close, especially at meal times. He also seems trimmer and slimmer and his fur is much cleaner and brighter.  He actually seems younger than he did.  Some transformation appears to be coming over him.  Cats are surely full of surprises.


Henley Plays Parrot, Assuming the Author’s a Pirate

Good old dear Henley hasn’t shown up (see my previous post of a few days ago). He is either kidnapped or has shuffled off his mortal coil. He is missed, yet, I’m learning that every soul has its own unique journey which is sacred and deeply personal.  Henley must continue his travels without much regard to our needs, ultimately.  I feel he was very generous to be with us at all.  All blessings to his dear soul and thanks for all the smiles and laughs.


Katie, Yeshi’s mother and our fluffy calico kitty, remains the darling sweetheart of the bunch. Ever the loving companion, she’s everyone’s friend.  Even Gus likes her company.  Henley used to hang out with her and give her long baths (of course, he liked to give anyone a bath).

Kenya Investigating the Roof

Kenya, Yeshi’s sister and Katie’s daughter, is our little shadow-kitty.  She’s as black as the other side of the moon and tends often to flow around table legs and chairs without being seen. Suddenly you look up and there she is, grooming or gazing at you with her green eyes.  Like Gus, she once was very wild and unapproachable.  It took about five years for her to allow one to pet her.  Now (after about 10 years) she will allow us to pick her up, even carry her around.  She still spooks sometimes. She is an incredibly adept survivor and never seems to run into trouble anywhere outside in her mysterious travels.

Tilly Loving Attention

Tilly, along with her brother Beaner, are the oldsters in the bunch.  Born in the summer of 1994, they are now just turned 17 years old each. Tilly loves her solitude, but also is very sweet and loves attention. She’s acutely independent in nature and does what she wishes.  She’s also somewhat timid, however, and easily intimidated by the other cats. She’s a bit of a tragic mix because she loves companionship, loves her independence, and is easily intimidated.  It makes her a somewhat lonely figure.

Beaner: “Yeah?”

Beaner on the other hand is intimidated by no one and, in his younger day, was usually the intimidator.

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