Yeshi on Waking


Wow! I dreamt I was a cat! How fascinating, how lovely.

The warmth of fire, of the human hand, the taste of sweet food, precious.

He and she that were my keepers, how wonderful to see them, to sense their presence, to inhale their fragrance. To curl into their laps, in the compass of their arms… lovely.

A resonant dear voice. A kind gesture. Company. Happy.

The sweet-smelling night, teeming with activity and scents. Sounds to be found out. Mice to chew and relish! The musty earth beneath the leaves. What fun to smell it and roll in it.

The breeze when it rose, when it ebbed, things moving, things happening, life.

I dreamt I walked in the body of a cat. It was such a short dream. I was strong, sure. I was quiet, attentive. I was relaxed, and I was whole.

Near the end of my dream, there was some pain. There was a soft hand. There was a soothing voice. And I awoke.

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