Georgetown, California, June 15, 2014 ̶ Join American poet Kevin Trammel, in celebrating the release of his new book of poetry and art, Gathered Rain. Gathered Rain, is now available for purchase at

Gathered Rain is a first offering by this new poet, consisting of guileless and refreshing epiphanies of the natural world. Readers of the book have commented on the pleasing combination of poetry and calligraphic artwork. Poems in the book portray with zen-like ardor such ordinary experiences as wind stirring in the pines, the gaze of a bull in a meadow, or the fragrance of frost-covered lilacs, imparting calmness and delight.

In these times, the tragedy and hope that compete for one’s attention, and the glitz and glamor of the entertainment industry, seem sometimes to overshadow the basic desire for quiet refuge in the profundity of simple things. Through the art and poetry of Gathered Rain, Trammel succeeds in weaving together a cozy tapestry of treasured moments providing insight and soothing imagery for the relief of the world-weary traveler. Trammel says of Gathered Rain, “I wrote this book primarily for those who, like me, love the pleasant company of a good book on a rainy night, or for peaceful reflection on a sunny day in the garden shade.”

About Kevin Trammel

Mr. Trammel has been writing poetry for thirty years. He studied philosophy, physics, music, and literature in college, then wandered from odd-job to odd-job while seeking answers to questions that he could not find in academia. Having spent a great deal of time exploring fields and woodlands and musing over the delicately balanced harmony of nature, he has come to appreciate the value of life rooted in the vital flow of the natural world. He offers simplicity and elegance through a subtly musical style of writing. As a student of philosophy and esotericism for many years, he has found that the most profound principles are also the most common, and are evident in the world around us.

For further information, the author’s personal web site is at

Mr. Trammel also writes regularly for the online journal Flowerwatch, at

About ktrammel

Author of Gathered Rain, and Between the Hours, which can be found on Amazon. Read more on my sites,, or
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