July Sky: Heart of the Lion/ess

The month of July was for many ancient cultures, including the Egyptians and Celts, the doorway through which we passed from summer towards fall.  The month is unfolding a rather dynamic play of major characters between the twin bright faces of two full moons (one at the beginning of the month, the other at the end), which are like pillars either side the gateway at the end of summer.  Once we enter Lughnasadh in the first week of August, we’re actually in autumn, as it was for the ancient cultures who lived their daily lives so close to the earth and its natural cycles.

The sky seems to be celebrating this powerful transitional time with a display of kingly joy and authority in the form of Jupiter (Zeus), and Leo, with his bright Lion’s Heart, harmonized with the radiant and luscious grace of Venus (Aphrodite).  In fact, this feminine energy seems to resonate with the ancient Egyptian (pre-dynastic) sphinx, which more than likely originally had a female face that was later re-carved to resemble one of the male Pharoes.  Perhaps the feminine energy of the ancient Lioness is being brought out by this interplay of celestial entities.  The link between the two, Leo the Lion and the ancient sphinx, is that the sphinx, during the vernal equinox, every 25,000+ years, last around 10,000 BC, gazes directly at the star Regulus during sunrise, which is the very heart of the Leontine constellation.  The vernal equinox dawn cycles through each of the 12 constellations (a Platonic Year) and the Sphinx is placed so that at vernal dawn it will gaze directly at the corresponding constellation. This equinoctial constellation changes about every 2150 years (25,800/12).  The current constellation is Aquarius. This situation implies that the sphinx may have been built as a “watcher of the ages,” or guardian of time’s progression.  The meta-sun-dial, if you will!  Because the Egyptians chose the Lion to mark this great cycle, perhaps the constellation Leo was what they considered to be its start.  The Lion and the Sun, two closely linked esoteric symbols, were prominent in pre-dynastic Egyptian symbology.

Leo has been watching closely as Venus and Jupiter have been dancing in the evening sky.  As we approach the middle of the month, midway between the two luminous Janus-faces of the moon, Leo enters into the dance blazing with its brilliant heart, Regulus, the star which the ancient Arabs called “The Kingly One (Malikiyy).”  The moon will open up its bright crescent, Cheshire grin and will also enter into the stellar play.  This occurs a few days before the sun enters Cancer astronomically, and about 4 days or so before it enters Leo astrologically (by traditional Western astrological standards).  Venus and Jupiter will basically be cozied up between Leo’s front paws.

Regulus is fixed upon the ecliptic, the path the sun traverses in the sky, and about which the planets all oscillate.  It’s a sign of the center of physical power and authority.  It seems that somehow, this month, the gods are moving towards bestowing great power and authority upon the simple qualities of grace, harmony, and beauty.

The moon is coming into July after a brief dawn interlude with Saturn (Cronus (not Chronos), who, according to Plato, brought wisdom to mankind). As the moon joins the dance of Jupiter, Venus and Regulus, she trails with her luminous springs of wisdom from Cronus to open upon the interplay of these powerful entities. She will weave about them a solid tapestry of innate authority. For the only true authority in the world, is wisdom. And it is the Heart of the Lion, the Kingly one, who alone can make it so.

Manifestation in the world requires a merging and interaction of the masculine and feminine energies, in balance, for common purpose. Again, this play of celestial entities reveals this deeper wisdom. It appears as though the actions of these sky spirits is encouragement, and an opening to greater opportunity for realizing that kind of balance, and wisdom, and not only outside in the world, but also inside one’s self. For the sky is a mirror. The wise of the ages have showed that within one’s own being it is possible to create wholly and happily only when the male and female energies within the individual consciousness act in harmonious delight.

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