What Gathered Rain Offers

Recently, I sent a copy of my 2nd Edition of Gathered Rain to my grandmother, who is also a writer and poet.  I was immeasurably moved by the comments she shared with me, which I’ve quoted below.  Many of the folks who’ve acquired their own copy of Gathered Rain have said similar things.

Dear Kevin, I have been reading the book [that you sent, a book about the war in Lebanon from the perspective of missionaries who lived there at the time].  It is both inspiring and depressing.  It’s amazing how people strive to lead a normal life, continually threatened by bombs.  I have been reading the book in bed before going to sleep.  Several nights when the story is too stressful for a quiet sleep, I read something from Gathered Rain.  That has a soothing effect to prepare me for sleep.  You have written many beautiful, insightful poems.  I hope more people will find and enjoy them, too.


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Author of Gathered Rain, and Between the Hours, which can be found on Amazon. Read more on my sites, Flowerwatch.net, or sophilos.net
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