the moon dangles jupiter

I awoke in the Nectar Hours
before dawn. Outside
the bright face of the moon
gazed down —
just below it Jupiter dangled
like a diamond earing

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2 Responses to the moon dangles jupiter

  1. Lovely poem and nice to see you back here. My fella does astronomy I must read it to him.


    • ktrammel says:

      Thank you Elaine. With Juno preparing to plunge into Jupiter’s atmosphere, it seemed particularly poignant to see the Moon wrapping its long bright lovely arms around that grand planet in the early hours. But last week that plan was changed and now Juno will remain in its current polar orbit. Maybe the Moon’s attentions influenced the course of events? The Juno team are talking about “bonus science” now. Of course, the imagery coming from Juno speaks unwritten volumes.

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