Human Potential


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Something worth remembering in an age if nihilism, angst, and turmoil, is the potential of the individual.  It’s only that which attracts and draws the wisdom of the ages and becomes the rich soil for its propagation and perpetuation.  The inherent nature of a human being has promise far beyond what is commonly esteemed in the world.  From his unique viewpoint, Nikola Tesla wrote of this in a small article that was printed in the San Antonio Sunday Light, on July 20, 1930.  His article was the inspiration for the image above as it was for the larger piece which the newspaper printed as a setting for Tesla’s article, which was entitled, “Man’s Greatest Achievement.”

While Tesla was speaking of the power of the mind over matter and energy, the implication of his drift is that the inherent nature, the soul, of a human being is for complete control over the order of the universe.  What tends to be the shadow of this observation is the desire to shape the world to the temporary and narrow views of an individual mind.  This mental predisposition is the origin of all the “Frankenstein” stories of the first two thirds of the last century, those stories in which science goes afoul of the harmony of nature.  The implication of the boundlessness of human potential, that’s so often missed in the boisterous attraction of greater material control, is that this “human potential” is meant for something more than mere artifice as a means to control.  As is said in the San Antonio paper, “Love can hope, where reason would despair.”  Love itself is the ultimate potential of the human being.  It opens all doors, including those of nature.  But love doesn’t exploit, it transcends.  Love’s the great weighty power, the gravitas, that tips the scales towards a human being when he or she is weighed against the works of human industry and the ponderous philosophical chords of the mind; for a person without love is as light as a shadow.

The human potential is what’s at the heart of that which great individuals have emanated from their deeper perceptions.  It’s the fundamental insight beyond all temporal insight.  But it’s so easy to fixate upon the finger that points instead of seeing the thing to which it’s pointing.  The being of the individual is great beyond the comprehension of the mind.  It’s greatness is also that it is simple, real and immediate.  Just waiting to be born within.

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