Circle of Existence

In order to live in this world another must sacrifice that you may continue. The plant that gives you a smile of pleasure and provides the nutrients for your body has given its life to you. The sacrifice of one’s parents in bringing you to your fruition is not know-able to you. Friends and those one loves who smile and cheer you on in your peculiar tastes simply because they can see it brings you real joy have given you from the cup of their own vitality with love. The earth makes room and provides from its children for your continued being. The earth has a place for you until it no longer does — then you become the sustenance for those who remain. Life is a circular stream from sky to mountain to river and on to the sea… and back again.

The one who pushes the merry-go-round is waiting, smiling, longing for your return.


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2 Responses to Circle of Existence

  1. ktrammel says:

    And thus the longing for permanence and being! It’s all perfect.


  2. Impermanence and interbeing


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