“Between the Hours” Now Available for Purchase

Although I’ve recently begun to post again on Flowerwatch, I had stopped regularly putting up new content some time ago as I was preparing everything for publication in book form — I happen to be one who prefers to hold in his hands the tangible and tactile article! That volume is now available. It’s called “Between the Hours.” I’m so happy to have it completed and available for purchase. I’m confident that readers of my book will have an experience similar to mine and that of some friends and family members who have now been living with it for the past year or two. Their experience has been that it is pleasant to open it up at random, or to read page by page nightly. I’ve heard that it’s relaxing or inspiring. I’ve been very happy with these comments because I see no reason to publish works that don’t provide a real reward to readers, something that uplifts, soothes, relaxes, inspires, or brings other forms of pleasure that last longer than the time it takes to read a few words printed on a page.

Between the Hours is the fruit of my heart’s labors in this garden of earthly life. These poems arise from my interactions with the forces behind the visible while I’m out in the woods, the fields, the lawn or garden, or during the night in the company of stars and crickets. I hope that these treasures that were given me while engaged in such excursions might in turn purchase for the reader something of the peace and pleasure that they have for me in the silent moments of their creation.

Between the hours is a collection of two decades worth of the author’s poetry, writings, and art. The works have been integrated into a natural progression of time through the 24 hour cycle of the day, each period representing characteristic qualities of natural principle. In the early morning hours we find ourselves waking to a new day, new inspiration, new insights, new energy. In the late hours of the night, one finds the vastness of time and the cosmos overwhelming the senses and calling for a deeper, inward reach towards greater insight and a more whole perspective on one’s life. Between the Hours can be a night-stand book that will provide soothing relaxation, deep reflection, pleasant diversion, and new perspectives to fuel dreams and inspire action.”

About ktrammel

Author of Gathered Rain, and Between the Hours, which can be found on Amazon. Read more on my sites, Flowerwatch.net, or sophilos.net
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