What is the same, is never the same.
The different is just the same.

To a computer, nothing is the same as anything else.
Identity is a self-contained relation.
The one thing is itself, nothing else is it.
When “the thing that makes a difference” is abstract
and not a thing itself,
well, now there is a difference.

If presented things and told “One of these things
is not like the others” then you know already,
assuming your inquisitor is truthful,
that this is so… any difference, and all differences,
will suffice to answer.
“Oh, these things are not in the same space so they are not the same.”
“Oh, these things are slightly different shades
because the light on one is not the same as the other.”
“Ah, this one is not that one — they are thus different!”
“Aha, no thing is another thing, it is only itself!
Nothing is the same!”

On the other hand, if you ask, “Which are the same?”
you can make the wheels spin.
“This thing here is not that thing, they cannot be the same.
But these are the same in all aspects if not in fact, so they are the ‘same.'”
“This one thing is the same as something, that being itself.
It is the ‘same.’ Everything is the same.”

Assumptions are everything.
Hidden, grand, bold, obscure, blurred, amorphous, chimeric.

Did you mean ‘the same’ in aspect or in fact?
Did you mean identity or relation?
Did you mean abstract relation or concrete relation?

What about that abstraction?
“Oh, one moment… these things are the same
for they are in the same place at the same time,
they are on the same sheet of paper or video screen,
they are the same because I am viewing both now.
They are the same color.
They each are the same in that they have corners.
They are the same shape.”

Even things that are the same to one’s eye
may differ in the abstract.
Things that are the same are also different!
One, two… that’s two: they are not the same!
One, two… that’s two: they are the same, a single duality!

Human beings live in abstraction, computers do not.
We swim in seas of possibility and creativity.
We revel in change and sameness as they suit us.
We love, we live, we grow, we go on, problem or no.
We have no final goal, only the nowness of the now.

You see the problem?
The computer sees no problems, only answers.


*After reading the article “Same or Different? The Question Flummoxes Neural Networks.”

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