Feathers of Stillness

Feathers of Stillness
by Kevin Trammel

Feathers of stillness fall
too soft to excite,
down from the shadowed shelves of night.
They drift slowly along
the now still, smoothe sands of day,
languidly leaving shallow lines
of mystic calligraphy
soon to dissolve in lapping tides of sleep.

Lie down, sweet, with a soft smile, my love,
and tender take the hand awhile
of the lavender-gowned mistress
who breathes enchanting lays
in subtle rhythms that seduce
the restless mind to lie at ease
and let the dreaming soul arise.
She it is who sweeps the skies at night
with her broom of gentle clouds
that star-born dreams may restore
and mend to crickets’ susurrous applause
what it is that you most fondly live and adore.

About ktrammel

Author of Gathered Rain, and Between the Hours, which can be found on Amazon. Read more on my sites, Flowerwatch.net, or sophilos.net
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