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New Book Excerpt: Egrets in a Torrey Pine

It’s somewhat of a challenge to pick out one poem among the many contained in a book like Gathered Rain.  The reason is that the book is a single tapestry of interconnected strands.  It’s woven with currents of the seasons … Continue reading

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Lughnasadh and Autumn’s Approach – Part 2

looking at the mountain looking at the sea… autumn evening –Kobayashi Issa Could there be a simpler or more sublime invocation of the delights of Autumnal contemplation and reflection than this?  Issa was a master! In part one we visited … Continue reading

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  A Playlist of Compositions by Kevin Trammel Art Publications This journal started as a record of experiences observing the flora and fauna around our home in the Sierra Foothills of Northern California, more specifically, the so-called “Motherload” region (just … Continue reading

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