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Venus and Luna

This is what Venus and the Moon cooked up last Sunday (July 15) for all to see in the late evening sky. This was taken in Northern California, in the Sierra Foothills. These two have been performing a marvelous dance … Continue reading

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Haiku Morning

overcast like mourning robes five white horses on a small hill tears of rain soft upon the window

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Poetry Reading April 13

I’ll be reading with Taylor Graham, El Dorado County Poet Laureate, and Michael Paul, at the El Dorado County Public Library in Georgetown. If anyone reading this happens to be in the area, come on by. It should be quite … Continue reading

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Waiting on sleep, gazing up through the window at the bright cold and clear night — Orion strides in magnificent stature adorned with incandescent jewels. And there is Sirius, and over there the Pleiades, one a trumpet sound of light the … Continue reading

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With a rake I spread the last embers of the bonfire        like fiery butter and I stand basking, gazing down into        a sky-full of red stars

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Bright Unknowns

Christmas lights brightly jewel the frosty fence in morning calm — a car with one lone dawn soldier passes by, leaving only drifting steam that curls slowly, lovingly, above that diadem of colored star-bright gems.

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secrets openly hidden

Pine cones leaning, standing, sitting buddha-like along the path — monuments to beetles, whole planets to fleas, menorah-like jewels to my own eye. I can’t get over how they wait. So quiet here in the still woods. On what secret do … Continue reading

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Slow Soft Flame of Autumn

Wind rolls through these leaves in long exhalations as Atlas labors at the wheel that turns the seasons — now from the last gleam of summer into full autumn. Leaves in maples reflect fires in the furnace that fuels this … Continue reading

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After Halloween

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Hallowed Moon

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March of the Wicked Demise

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John De Lancie Reads “The Raven”

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Halloween, Samhain, the ancient rite which alone on the calendar boldly sees the night with all its hidden, suppressed and fearsome fright and in ghoulish guise or sepulchral facade sees and smiles at death’s inevitable bite. Portals dark, shadowed cyprus, … Continue reading

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Dance Macabre for Samhain

Listen to Dance Macabre, it really is a wonderful, evocative piece. About the composition Danse Macabre (by Camille Saint-Saëns) Danse Macabre (the Poem) On Youtube Danse Macabre – Saint-Saëns National Philharmonic Orchestra An English translation of the poem upon which … Continue reading

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Incantation of the Hollow Moon

The orange gourd rattles in a spectral sky Shadowed shrouds of mist from icy fields fly Heaven’s hollow dome coldly echoes a strange cry Dreams once hopeful wingless by dark stones lie.   _________________ by Kevin Trammel

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Crème Du Halloween

A modest recipe for Halloween (from a previous post). Crème Du Halloween by Kevin Trammel One gob pickled innards, Ten drops black bat glop, An ooze of dead men’s gizzards— Stir, pour, and chop. Add a pinch of spider’s eyes, … Continue reading

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Incantation of a Dark Seduction

Long purple fingers of creeping mist Black trees before an orange moon list Warmth and light of day could not resist Entranced all fall toward a shadow tryst.   ____________________________ by Kevin Trammel

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Deathly Discourse

“Eat some candy– THINK OF DEATH.” -Caitlin Doughty WEBSITE:

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Lovely Ossuaries and Charnal Houses

Empire de la Mort While you contemplate mortality, immortality, and wonder about ghosts and pretas, this Halloween, visit some of the world’s Beinhouses.

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Halloween Nap

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