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The Sierra’s Dragon

It’s hot and dry        in the Sierras    like a blow torch. The wind in the puckered oaks sounds like a raging fire. There’s smoke standing in the air like the unseen presence        of a dragon.                        

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Takuan Looks for the Moon

Every night the moon frolics in the stream — yet show me what it has touched or even a shadow. -A rendition of a poem by Takuan, tr. originally by Lucien Stryk in “The Crane’s Bill”

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Gift of the Purple Martin

Walking a path on a hot afternoon, shedding a heavy mantle of work’s entangling thoughts, my attention’s drawn to a shadow on the path — a dark purple swallow rests with his belly buried in the sun-baked sand at path’s … Continue reading

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all alone on this beach I too am but a grain of sand – Johnny Baranski

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sierra foothills storm

the rivers are by these storms made mud red — gashes at the feet of mountains raging westward — the life of the land bled into the sea.

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the moon dangles jupiter

I awoke in the Nectar Hours before dawn. Outside the bright face of the moon gazed down — just below it Jupiter dangled like a diamond earing

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haiku: winter lantern

toyon berries lambent flames in winter dun — tears of Diogenes

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Readings from Gathered Rain

I realize this isn’t the best reading anyone’s ever heard. I did it awhile ago, I was a little ill, and there was no one around listening.  When there is someone to listen, it helps greatly to keep things rolling … Continue reading

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driving the canyon in winter fog

long blond grasses in canyon fog strung with crystal pearls

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Haiku: Smoke

smoke from the stovepipe — whisked hungrily away by a greedy wind

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For Leonard Cohen

a poet is one who welcomes even demons in truth’s name alone

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Haiku Published at Haiku Foundation

Though it’s a modest bit of work, I’m happy to have had a haiku published this week on the Haiku Foundation web site. This month they’ve been doing a playful series on work place haiku, with weekly topics.  The subject … Continue reading

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Incantation of Solstice Winter Dreams

Let dreams be dreams but through their windows see Vistas over wondrous landscapes of soul Where you in all your native glory are free — Then let the image be a growing seed invincible.

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New Blog Post on Goodreads Describes Gathered Rain

There is a blog on Goodreads built as a forum for authors to introduce their work.  It appears to be frequented by writers who publish their own work, a choice I also made with Gathered Rain. Here’s the link to … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas and Happy Reading!

ANNOUNCEMENT: Gathered Rain, on Kindle, now available for $0.99!  Read more about Gathered Rain on Goodreads, including reader comments. I know that everyone reading this has had the experience of the relaxation and good feelings that thrive in the glow … Continue reading

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Crescent moon, bat, and tattered cloud — rites of Samhain.

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Clouds Above the Tomb

A sepulchral cloud ceiling closes over the shadowy tomb of earth.

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Haiku: Cloud Specters

Clouds, marching specters against the fortress moon.

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Haiku: Promises

Promises of this crescent knife moon — luminous samhain intoxication.

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Review: The Mountain Poems of Stonehouse

I feel that many who visit Flowerwatch and find something they enjoy here will likely also appreciate the following book, as described in a review* I posted awhile back on Goodreads.   *See other reviews and books here.

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