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When Love is New

When love is newas the gods’ own dawnit seems endless true,innocent and pure as a faun. True love ages well,a vintage to keep and savor;love that’s merely passion’s spellwill quickly lose its flavor. A true heart fixed and fullwill outlast … Continue reading

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From this Ruin

Maybe what I didn’t know all along this path was that all my heart’s feeling was nourishment, like rain water filling the roses. I thought it was a fire in a tinder dry wood, a hail of flaming comets at … Continue reading

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Yeats Via Kilmer

“I think it was Yeats who said… You see a tree, and you observe a truth about the tree. And you’re hit with it. The magic of the tree. It’s a spiritual thing. Beyond the physical life form of the … Continue reading

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Water with Friends

With Tu Fu and Li Bai I drinkthis wayside rock-spring luminous watermissing not at allthe wine we sharedat the Temple Mount Tavernjust the night before. The belly-deep laughter it bringsrises even more easilyand cleans away the heavy airthat clings from … Continue reading

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Late at Night

The swirl of wind relenting; the turn of water descending;the slow winding down         of the cat into sleep.

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It seems to me from years of gracethat the best poems come out of the night.They softly, swiftly descendon wafting leaves with starlight glistening.They never guess nor ever look back.They mince no words and pour imagesthat tingle in the heart … Continue reading

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Love’s Stride

Life is sacred and holy.Life is free and lovely,free as the summer breezethat turns silver in the trees;lovely as my sweet bellebent over the brimming welland beaming surprised when I from behindreach ’round to make her mine. How sweet the … Continue reading

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Robert Frost’s Alchemy

He came from the orchard with something new —fruits of unseen forms, containingrhythms before undanced, rhymes ’til then unsaid,born forth in a long meter indulging its labors,like a man with a load going uphilland coming back down again just for … Continue reading

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The cat while hunting pausesand lifts his nose to tastethe nectar of morning.He softly blinks his amber eyesfrom the pleasure of the kissof dew scented air. -Kevin Trammel

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Her Arrow, My Awakening

Through a heart-shaped opening    in the forest canopy, the moon         descends like a silver arrow. -Kevin Trammel6/24/2021

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Looking Down, Up

Yellow dandelion dust   on my sandals —a smile returns. -Kevin Trammel6/20/2021

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Breathing Easy on the Path

The cedar smilesin mists’ billowsabove the dancing falls Kevin Trammel7/2/2021

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Walking the Old Road, Sunset

A pigeon and a junco    browsing windfall seedsalong the dirt road —                  sunset. -Kevin Trammel5/6/2021

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Feathers of Stillness

Feathers of Stillnessby Kevin Trammel Feathers of stillness falltoo soft to excite,down from the shadowed shelves of night.They drift slowly alongthe now still, smoothe sands of day,languidly leaving shallow linesof mystic calligraphysoon to dissolve in lapping tides of sleep. Lie … Continue reading

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The Fate of John the Pure of Heart, the “Bright Star”

The Fate of John the Pure of Heart, the “Bright Star”-Kevin Trammel The world cares not at all for the poet —Man’s world, that is, for Nature’s loves her, or him,with a soft lovethat is harsh only for the flowering … Continue reading

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Drinking with Li Bai

Drinking with Li Baiby Kevin Trammel I fall asleep in the chairreading Li Bai’s white-hair-poems-at-heaven’s-gate —it’s the eve of my sixtieth year.I wish I could drink wine with him, who loved wine so,beside a chattering mountain stream in autumn,casting poems … Continue reading

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Recipe for Sweet Sleep

Having trouble sleeping? Take a handful of poems, and with a glass of fresh spring water! Below are several soporifics from the apothecary of poetry. Continue reading

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For Us Travelers…

Stranger, rest your weary legs under the elm ; hark how sweetly the breeze murmurs in the green leaves ; and drink a cold draught from the fountain ; for this is indeed a resting-place dear to travelers in the … Continue reading

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Keep Always the Time Like This, Let Not Time Keep You

Ah! what a life were this! how sweet, how lovely!Gives not the hawthorn bush a sweeter shadeTo shepherds looking on their silly sheep,Than doth a rich embroidered canopyTo kings, that fear their subjects’ treachery?Oh yes it doth; a thousand-fold it … Continue reading

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Being is like a so radiant sun:we shine… or we are not.

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