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Looking Down, Up

Yellow dandelion dust   on my sandals —a smile returns. -Kevin Trammel6/20/2021

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  She pours out the last grains of rice from a clay urn. Gently she lays the cup inside and rests the lid back in place — its faint, empty drumming. __________________ -KT, 1/27/2020; based on the film, Ip Man

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Haiku Morning

overcast like mourning robes five white horses on a small hill tears of rain soft upon the window

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through Indian Summer we drive swirling leaves behind us — death’s glowing portals so near

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all alone on this beach I too am but a grain of sand – Johnny Baranski

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haiku: winter lantern

toyon berries lambent flames in winter dun — tears of Diogenes

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driving the canyon in winter fog

long blond grasses in canyon fog strung with crystal pearls

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Haiku: Smoke

smoke from the stovepipe — whisked hungrily away by a greedy wind

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Haiku Published at Haiku Foundation

Though it’s a modest bit of work, I’m happy to have had a haiku published this week on the Haiku Foundation web site. This month they’ve been doing a playful series on work place haiku, with weekly topics.  The subject … Continue reading

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Haiku: Cloud Specters

Clouds, marching specters against the fortress moon.

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Haiku: Promises

Promises of this crescent knife moon — luminous samhain intoxication.

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winter emergence

luminous autumn leaves ascend in fiery silence fleeing ghosts of winter

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Marble Tableau

Lake Tahoe under a stiff morning breeze — rough blue marble, foaming veins of white

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