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all alone on this beach I too am but a grain of sand – Johnny Baranski

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sierra foothills storm

the rivers are by these storms made mud red — gashes at the feet of mountains raging westward — the life of the land bled into the sea.

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the moon dangles jupiter

I awoke in the Nectar Hours before dawn. Outside the bright face of the moon gazed down — just below it Jupiter dangled like a diamond earing

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haiku: winter lantern

toyon berries lambent flames in winter dun — tears of Diogenes

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driving the canyon in winter fog

long blond grasses in canyon fog strung with crystal pearls

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Haiku: Smoke

smoke from the stovepipe — whisked hungrily away by a greedy wind

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For Leonard Cohen

a poet is one who welcomes even demons in truth’s name alone

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Haiku Published at Haiku Foundation

Though it’s a modest bit of work, I’m happy to have had a haiku published this week on the Haiku Foundation web site. This month they’ve been doing a playful series on work place haiku, with weekly topics.  The subject … Continue reading

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Incantation of Solstice Winter Dreams

Let dreams be dreams but through their windows see Vistas over wondrous landscapes of soul Where you in all your native glory are free — Then let the image be a growing seed invincible.

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New Blog Post on Goodreads Describes Gathered Rain

There is a blog on Goodreads built as a forum for authors to introduce their work.  It appears to be frequented by writers who publish their own work, a choice I also made with Gathered Rain. Here’s the link to … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas and Happy Reading!

ANNOUNCEMENT: Gathered Rain, on Kindle, now available for $0.99!  Read more about Gathered Rain on Goodreads, including reader comments. I know that everyone reading this has had the experience of the relaxation and good feelings that thrive in the glow … Continue reading

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Crescent moon, bat, and tattered cloud — rites of Samhain.

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Clouds Above the Tomb

A sepulchral cloud ceiling closes over the shadowy tomb of earth.

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Haiku: Cloud Specters

Clouds, marching specters against the fortress moon.

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Haiku: Promises

Promises of this crescent knife moon — luminous samhain intoxication.

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Review: The Mountain Poems of Stonehouse

I feel that many who visit Flowerwatch and find something they enjoy here will likely also appreciate the following book, as described in a review* I posted awhile back on Goodreads.   *See other reviews and books here.

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The Source

“In your light I learn how to love. In your beauty, how to make poems. You dance inside my chest where no-one sees you, but sometimes I do, and that sight becomes this art.” ― Jalaluddin Rumi

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winter emergence

luminous autumn leaves ascend in fiery silence fleeing ghosts of winter

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Marble Tableau

Lake Tahoe under a stiff morning breeze — rough blue marble, foaming veins of white

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The Poetry of Gathered Rain – A Brief Analysis

Robert Bly, who’s work I deeply appreciate and enjoy, has been heard to remark with scathing criticism upon the tendency he’s seen in much modern poetry to list, catalog, and otherwise dryly describe the mere things of the world, rather … Continue reading

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