sierra foothills storm

the rivers are by these storms
made mud red — gashes
at the feet of mountains
raging westward —
the life of the land bled into the sea.

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the moon dangles jupiter

I awoke in the Nectar Hours
before dawn. Outside
the bright face of the moon
gazed down —
just below it Jupiter dangled
like a diamond earing

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haiku: winter lantern

toyon berries
lambent flames in winter dun —
tears of Diogenes

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driving the canyon in winter fog

long blond grasses in canyon fog
strung with crystal pearls

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Oh So Worth a Visit

There are some finely crafted poems in this issue of hedgerow journal. One of my favorites by Joy McCall:



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Venus, Mars, and Eternity


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Haiku: Smoke

smoke from the stovepipe —
whisked hungrily away
by a greedy wind

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Gathered Rain is Good Medicine

Why I think Gathered Rain is good medicine…

… As the political climate has grown more turbulent, interest in self-care has risen. Google searches for the term reached a five-year high immediately after the election last November.

… if an activity (or inactivity) makes you feel better, in body or mind, then it’s self-care…

While self-care may sound like a wishy-washy idea recently coined by a holistic therapist in LA, it actually has a Platonic pedigree and a very pointed political purpose. The French philosopher Michel Foucault argued that the ancient Greeks saw it as integral to democracy: self-care was a necessary part of care for others. It made you a better, more honest citizen…


In the “book overview” for Gathered Rain, this very topic is expressed, albeit in slightly different terms:

“…[W]ith the world’s capacity to produce endless and growing moral challenges, there comes an outcry for the morally minded to act, swiftly and vigorously, to counter the perceived negativity of worldly events and circumstances. In the chaos and urgency of these challenges, the less outwardly dramatic, private inner life is frequently overlooked altogether, or else discounted as ineffective and self-indulgent. And yet, from where comes the strength, clarity, and resolve to act ethically if not from deep, empowering and calming pools of inner reflection and gifted insight? There’s nothing more precious or priceless than that. Love, the most transformative force, can come forth only from within the individual who is at peace with one’s self and familiar with the inner worlds of one’s own awareness…

[Gathered Rain]’s simple message, cloaked in nature’s imagery, is that happily, if unexpectedly, the substance of … virtues and the simplicity of happiness itself already exist in every moment within one’s own consciousness and simply await discovery.”

The author of the article referenced wishes to make sure that no one is consumed by a private inner life and that the public life must be a priority (she says: “For those of us buffered by socioeconomic privilege, internal emigration justified as “self-care” is becoming increasingly tempting. It’s certainly more convenient than moving to Canada. But we need to stay vigilant”).  Caveats of this nature tend often to batter the delicate soul with moral injunctions and cause more tension and disturbance than wholeness and peace.  Far more healthful is it to remember that in all things balance is the rule.  But balance is difficult to realize just by following moral imperatives.  However, it comes naturally from a solidity of inner peace and the invigoration of insight and self-confidence.  These are the things that can only be cultivated in the quietude of a relaxed mind and emotional body.  Engaging in activities that enable that are much more important than any outer activity, for they provide the well spring of nourishment and inspiration that imbue any activity with purpose and meaning.

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For Leonard Cohen

a poet is one who
welcomes even demons
in truth’s name alone

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Gathered Rain First Edition $Reduced

I’ve dropped the first edition of Gathered Rain to the lowest price Amazon will allow.  It’d be great if I could offer it free of charge, but Amazon will not permit a price any lower that it is now ($5.38).  Please read the earlier article I wrote explaining that I’d reduced the Kindle version to $0.99, since it contains further info on the book and my purpose in reducing the price.


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Haiku Published at Haiku Foundation

Though it’s a modest bit of work, I’m happy to have had a haiku published this week on the Haiku Foundation web site.

This month they’ve been doing a playful series on work place haiku, with weekly topics.  The subject for this week was “The Office Flirt.”


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Incantation of Solstice Winter Dreams

Let dreams be dreams but through their windows see
Vistas over wondrous landscapes of soul
Where you in all your native glory are free —
Then let the image be a growing seed invincible.

The Snow Descends Mystically

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New Blog Post on Goodreads Describes Gathered Rain

There is a blog on Goodreads built as a forum for authors to introduce their work.  It appears to be frequented by writers who publish their own work, a choice I also made with Gathered Rain. Here’s the link to it and my entry, if you’d like to check it out.


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Merry Christmas and Happy Reading!

ANNOUNCEMENT: Gathered Rain, on Kindle, now available for $0.99!  Read more about Gathered Rain on Goodreads, including reader comments.

I know that everyone reading this has had the experience of the relaxation and good feelings that thrive in the glow of a good book.  For some, that might be Shakespeare sonnets, or the poetry of Rumi.  Or it might be a Romance one particularly enjoys.  Or a good mystery that has an immersive story, action, and good characters.  We enter the world of the book and, in some wonderful way, we find deeper parts of ourselves not often touched by daily experience.

Over the past few years, I’ve repeatedly received feedback from readers that my book, Gathered Rain, provides that kind of experience. This is not to brag or buff up my ego in some way, not at all.  I personally get the same experience from reading the book, and I often turn to it when I want to find a quiet, introspective moment of calming and inspiration.

In saying this, I hasten to add, that I can’t express adequately where the writing of this book truly came from.  I wouldn’t say it’s “me” that wrote it, though I did the work.  I’d say more that I was the instrument that was played by the force that created it.  I sat quietly observing and opening to that power, whether it expressed itself through the shimmering of autumn leaves in the tulip tree in our yard, or in the sound and sight of water rushing over ancient cedar boles fallen across a stream in an old growth forest.  These things have voices and it was my intent to allow them to express what they had to offer through me as an instrument of language.  Because this is the nature of Gathered Rain, my experience, and that of others, has been that reading it is like entering the forest, or sitting quietly in a spring garden.  One can go to such places through its pages.  And in such oases one may find one’s own self more confidently emerging in peace and ease.

So, because I feel so strongly about the book, and because I feel that its full audience awaits yet to discover it, I’m going to offer the Kindle version of the book for the lowest price that Amazon will permit.  Gathered Rain, the Kindle version, is now available for $0.99.  If I could give it for free, I would do so.

Please consider Gathered Rain for yourself, or for loved ones, while shopping this Christmas Season.  If you enjoy being in the natural world and breathing its refreshing scents, or lingering by the rush of a forest stream, but don’t often get that experience for yourself, Gathered Rain is the next best thing.  If you spend a lot of time in such wonderful places, it can be a great companion in the experience.

If you wish to visit my book’s page on Goodreads, please do so and read or make comments, and if you’d like, please participate in my “Ask the Author” section because the subject matter in this book is near and dear to me and I think we could have a good time talking about it.

Kevin Trammel

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Written Under Cedars


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Crescent moon, bat, and
tattered cloud —
rites of Samhain.

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Clouds Above the Tomb

A sepulchral cloud ceiling
over the shadowy tomb of earth.

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Haiku: Cloud Specters

Clouds, marching specters
against the
fortress moon.

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Haiku: Promises

Promises of
this crescent knife moon —
luminous samhain intoxication.

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Review: The Mountain Poems of Stonehouse

I feel that many who visit Flowerwatch and find something they enjoy here will likely also appreciate the following book, as described in a review* I posted awhile back on Goodreads.

Goodreads Review

Goodreads Review


*See other reviews and books here.

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